The largest extant organ built by America�s first native-trained organbuilder, David Tannenberg, commissioned in 1798 and having 2m & full pedal, was restored 1998-2003 by Taylor & Boody and resides in a concert hall with superb acoustics in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. The dedication recital was played in March, 2004, by Peter Sykes including Dan Locklair�s Salem Sonata, commissioned for the event.

C. P. E. BACH: Sonata VI in g minor, Wq. 70.6
CHRISTIAN LATROBE: Nine Preludes for Organ (1806)
KREBS: Praeludium et Fuga in C pro Organo pleno
MOZART: Ein St�ck f�r einer Orgelwerk in eine Uhr, K. 596
MENDELSSOHN: Choralvariationen �ber Wie gro� ist des Allm�cht�gen G�te
DAN LOCKLAIR: Salem Sonata (2003)

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Splendid Service, Restoration of Tannenberg's Organ at Salem, North CarolinapadNEW! The largest Tannenberg Organ, Restored! America�s first professional organbuilder, David Tannenberg, received in 1798 at age 70 the commission to build a 2m organ for Home Moravian Church in Salem, North Carolina. That organ remains the largest extant of Tannenberg�s instruments, with two manuals and pedal. Silent for 88 years as it languished in storage, the organ was restored 1998-2004 by Taylor & Boody. This handsome book recounts Tannenberg�s biography, the organ�s history, and the story of its restoration. More than half of the book is devoted to the restoration, including many technical details. Illustrations and photographs abound. Click picture for more details and to order.
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