Toward the Conservation and Restoration of Historic Organs: the Liverpool Conference

Papers from the conference on organ conservation held in Liverpool, England, in 1999 present an overview of conservation in Britain, Europe, and the USA:

Jim Berrow: Introduction

David Knight: What is a historic organ?

Barrie Clark: Protection of historic organs: European legislation and British isolation

Jonathan Ambrosino: A USA Perspective

Axel Unnerb�ck: The preservation and restoration of old organs in Sweden

G�ran Grahn: Conservation of working instruments: when to restore
Dominic Gwynn: Conservation of old material in organs

David C. Wickens: Archaeological research: pipework

Martin Goetze: Archaeological Research: casework and other woodwork

John R. Watson: Performance standards meet museum standards: the conservation of pipe organs

John Mander: Training opportunities in organ restoration

Christopher Kent: Towards historically informed advisers

John Norman: Association of Independent Organ Advisers (AIOA) and Monitoring of conservation work and quinquennial inspecations

Gordon Stewart: From the organ bench

John Kitchen: Instruments and repertoire: concert use

Nicholas Thistlethwaite: The conservation of concert organs

John Clare: Conservation Plans.

Areas covered in the essays include: conservation related to musical performance; concert organs and their repertoire; organ consultants; training of restorers; archaeology; planning conservation.

Appendices include a list of 20 relevant organizations; The Burra Charter of The Australia Charter for Places of Cultural Significance; Australian Pipe Organ Preservation Standards of the Organ Historical Trust of Australia; The Organ Historical Society Guidelines for Conservation and Restoration; The British Institute of Organ Studies Guidelines for Conservation and Restoration; The British Institute of Organ Studies: Sound Advice: The Care of Your Pipe Organ; Council for Care of Churches: General conditions of grants awarded by the Conservation Committee; Council for the Care of Churches: Guidelines for minimum information required in conservators' reports accompanying faculty and grant applications; and more. 182 pages.

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