Stoplists of all organs known to have been built by Aristide Cavaillé-Coll (and significant organs proposed but not built) are organized in chronological order by author Jesse Eschbach and trace the history and tonal evolution throughout the sixty year career of this master organbuilder. Of the organs that were built, stoplists are based on documents written at the completion of a project. Stoplists of organs unbuilt derive from proposals and are grouped together. For instruments completed before 1859, the fundamental source is the Lapreste Collection, also the basis for the work of Fenner Douglass. Additionally, the author gives a survey of the Tableau des sommiers assembled by Cavaille-Coll between 1850 and 1885. This often permits completing information missing for instruments altered during later rebuilds or when there are few original sources available. The text is in English, French, and German. Agnes Armstrong contributes an essay, Cavaillé-Coll Organs for North America. 896 pages

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