The third part of Clavierübung consisting of various preludes on the Catechism and other melodies, is ideal repertoire for the elegant Richards, Fowkes & Co. op. 7 in North German style in Westminster Presbyterian Church, Knoxville, Tennessee. Robert Clark is widely admired for his interpretations of Bach.

Reviews Arthur Lawrence in the December 2003 issue of The American Organist: "Mr. Clark's playing combines musical persuasiveness with the best of informed scholarship, resulting in performances that are technically adroit, interpretively satisfying, and innately musical. He successfully rides the fine line between excessive legato or overly detached notes, and shapes the large musical line with subtle interior articulation. The playing is always rhythmic without being mechanical. Where appropriate, tempos are stately, as in the prelude and fugue (in E-flat) or quite lively, as in the duets, and the tempo of each chorale melody suits the meaning of the text.

The registrations are carefully crafted to highlight the character of the piece. The plenum usually includes a 16' manual stop. Reeds or cornet combinations are frequently employed for cantus firmus solos. Quiet registrations are often restricted to 8' flutes, sometimes with tremolo, somtimes in combination with a string. An interesting use of the celeste occurs in the large Vater unser, delicately enhancing the upper two voices and making them audible without covering the accompaniment. . .

In sum, this is an exquisite recording magnificently played on a very elegant instrument, the definitive rendition of Bach's most unusual but beautiful organ music.

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