WM. H. HARRIS: Holy is the true light GUEST: For the Fallen IRELAND: Greater Love hath no man; My song is love unknown R-V WILLIAMS: Valiant for truth C. HARRIS: O valiant hours FAUR´┐Ż: In paradisum PARRY: My soul, there is a country J. NARES The souls of the righteous POSTON: Jesus Christ, the apple tree BRAHMS: How lovely are thy dwellings STANFORD: Te Deum in B-flat HAYDN: Achieved is the glorious work (The Creation)

The Chapel Choir of the Royal Hospital, Chelsea, was founded by Charles II and opened in 1692 as a retreat for old or disabled soldiers, and it is still fulfilling its original purpose. The hospital employs a resident organist and a professional choir, which is heard here in familiar anthems appropriate for Passiontide. The choir is directed here by Ian Curror with Jeremy Filsell, organist.

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