Proceedings of the Weckmann Symposium 30 August - 3 September 1991 in G�teborg, Sweden, edited by Sverker Jullander, with most essays in English and a few in German. Contains 11 studies grouped thematically in three sections: 1) Weckmann�s life, work and environment with essays by Ibo Ortgies, Hans Davidsson, Arnfried Edler, and Frederick K. Gable; 2) 17th- century composers linked with Weckmann, including Monteverdi, Sch�tz, Jacob Praetorius II, van Noordt, and J. A. Reincken, discussed by Alexander Silbiger, Gable, Curtis Lasell, Hans van Nieuwkoop, adn Ulf Grapenthin. 3) Erik Kjellberg documents musical life as governed by Swedish rule in the area of Northern Germany in the 17th century and Greger Andersson gives an overview of the relationship between organists and town musicians in 17th and 18th century Sweden. 282 pages, softbound. Includes audio cassette of 11 Sacred Concertos by Weckmann as performed in live concerts by the Convivium Vocale conducted by Mikael Paulsson with soloists and instrumental ensemble.