The complete writings from Paris 1893-1894 by Fannie Edgar Thomas, correspondent to New York's Musical Courier, are compiled by Agnes Armstrong. They describe in great detail the music scene in late 19th-century Paris, relating especially to organs and organists. Also discussed are music education in France, the famed Conservatoire Nationale, private vocal and instrumental teachers, and Americans studying music in Paris. Agnes Armstrong has researched and annotated the reports of Thomas, and has indexed them with an extensive Name Glossary identifying each of the personalities mentioned in the text. Thomas' interviews and observations are generously illustrated with recently found or rarely-seen period photographs, elegantly displayed on the large, 9" x 12" pages designed by OHS member Len Levasseur. The book features Forewords by Orpha Ochse and Kurt Lueders, as well as a Preface by Armstrong. 211 pages, hardbound

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