American organist and composer Eugene Thayer (1838-1889) inaugurated in 1874 a quarterly newspaper designed specifically and exclusively for organists � the first such publication in America and thus the forerunner to such periodicals as The Diapason, The American Organist, and The Tracker. Each issue contains commentary, reports and stoplists of specific organs in the U. S. and abroad, historical accounts of organ culture, articles by Thayer and others, and 62 compositions for the organ by Thayer (28 pieces), Liszt, Rossini, Chadwick, Merkel, Guilmant, Lemmens, Hesse, Battmann, and many others. In 1877, Thayer published all of the issues as a set containing 242 pages, and a facsimile of that is what the Organ Historical Society has published anew, as a hardbound book with a very informative biographical and musicological, annotated, introduction by OHS member Allison Alcorn-Oppedahl as well as a list of Thayer�s musical compositions, publications, and places of employment and education.

Literary Contents:
Bach�s Organ Music
Better than Gold (poetry)
Boston Cathedral Organ
Church Music
Church Music and Choirs
Church Organists
Clergymen and Church Organs
Czerny�s Letters
First Organs in America
Gallery of Great Composers
Half Work
Handel and the Oratorio
Life�s Lessons (poetry)
Lowell Mason
Musical Blunders
Musical Biography
Musical Education
Music Hall Organ, Boston
Music and Musicians
N. E. Indifference to Religion
Old South Organ, Boston
Organ Blower (poetry)
Organ Builders
Organ Building
Organ, The (poetry)
Organ in History
Organists and Organ Playing
Organ Recital Programmes
Organ Recitals
Organ Situations
Organ Studio
Parents and Guardians
People�s Music
Plymouth Organ, Brooklyn
Registration Marking
Requisites of the Organ
Royal Albert Hall Organ, London
Service Preludes
Systematic Training
Ulm Cathedral Organ

Musical Contents:
Andre: Prelude in G
Battmann: Four Responses
Battmann: Two Responses in G
Battmann: Prelude in F
Battmann: Prelude in B-flat
Chadwick: Four Canons (for the organ)
Collin: Festival March (for the organ)
Gerrish: Romanza in E
Gladstone: Prelude in F
Guilmant: Prelude in E-flat
Guilmant: Marche de Procession
Hesse: Prelude in E-flat
Lefebure-Wely: Festival Offertoire
Lefebure-Wely: Andante in F
Lefebure-Wely: Prelude in E-flat
Lefebure-Wely: Introduction and Priere
Lemmens: Prelude in D
Liszt: Ora Pro Nobis (for the organ)
Liszt: Hymnus (for the organ)
Liszt: Ave Maria (for the organ)
Mendelssohn: Postlude in A
Merkel: Trio in F
Merkel: Four Trios for the Organ, Nos. 2
Merkel: Four Trios for the Organ, Nos. 3
Pattison: Prelude in B-flat
Rossini: Concert Recreations (No. 1)
Schneider: Prelude in F
Silas: Melody in C
Smart: Evening Prayer
Smart: Prelude in E-flat
Smart: Minuetto in A
Smart: Minuetto in F
Spark: In Memoriam
Thayer: Prelude in A-flat
Thayer: Prelude in E-flat
Thayer: Offertoire, L�esperance
Thayer: A Sabbath Reverie
Thayer: Prelude in C
Thayer: Prelude in G
Thayer: Prelude in D
Thayer: Prelude in C
Thayer: Prelude in A-flat
Thayer: Prelude in C
Thayer: Prelude in C
Thayer: In Memoriam (Funeral March for John Henry Willcox 1828-1875)
Thayer: Prelude in A
Thayer: Prelude in G
Thayer: Prelude in F
Thayer: Prelude in A-flat
Thayer: Romanza in G
Thayer: Prelude in F
Thayer: Festival Postlude in G
Thayer: Prelude in G
Thayer: Postlude in G
Thayer: Ave Sanctissima in F
Thayer: Two Responses
Thayer: Second Meditation
Thayer: Three Responses
Turpin: Prelude in B-flat
Vasseur: Postlude in F
Vasseur: Offertoire in B-flat
Volckmar: Festival Postlude (for two performers)

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