German language Celle, in Lower Saxony, is home to historic cases of the 16th - 18th centuries, including the case of the famous Lock Chapel organ with wing doors dating from 1563 and painted by Dutch masters, and the organ of the Stadtkirche with case and facade pipes by Hermann Kr�ger, 1653. New cases are also seen in the book. Part 1: The organ history of Celle, with accounts of all organs in historical cases or containing pipes from 1860 or earlier. Part II: Complete inventory of all instruments from 1368 to the present in tabular form, with detailed sources of the information. Part III: Organbuilders who built new organs in Celle up to 1945, including lists of works. Part IV: Sources, indices, bibliography, etc. 244 pages, 70 illustrations (37 color), German language only, hardbound

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