On the tenth anniversary of the creation of the world�s largest theatre organ (5-80), in the Barrington, Illinois, home of Jasper San Sanfilippo, Lyn Larsen celebrates with the release of a CD recorded on the stupendous instrument.

The Star Spangled Banner; I�ll Build a Stairway to Paradise; Ship of Fools title theme & Tango Tudesco; I Loves You Porgy; Holiday in Rio; On Fifth Avenue; Peter Mintun: Melody 3; I Know That You Know (arr. Wright); Hello Young Lovers; Soldier on the Shelf; Midnight Bells; Silverheels; Bach/Stokowski: Little Fugue in g; When Day Is Done; Youth of Britain; Selections from Blackbirds of 1928: Shuffle Your Feet and Just Roll Along; I Can�t Give You Anything But Love; Diga Diga Doo; Porgy; Doin� the New Low Down