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CALLHAN: Mag & Nunc from the Harvard Service, 1995
GORECKI: Amen, Op. 35
HAILSTORK: The Song of Deborah
ORLOVICH: Lo, there is light
FRIEDELL: Jesus, so lowly
ROIHL: Amen 2; Amen 3; Amen 4; Shaker Hymn
DYSON: Lauds
HALLOCK: The Lord is my light
MATTHEWS: Save Us, Lord
HODGSON: Ecce sacerdos magnus
GARDINER: Evening Hymn
THOMSON: My Shepherd will supply my need
AYER: Choral Response
HURD: Exalt Yourself above the heavens, O God
HARRIS: Bring us, O Lord God
MILLER: Ecce jam noctis

Lo, There is Light Murray Forbes Somerville directs the Harvard University Choir in sacred works for a new millenium, including several fine and recent ones. The recording was made at All Saints Church, Worcester, Mass., with Nancy Granert accompanying on the famous Aeolian-Skinner.

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