Concerto for Organ & Orchestra in E-flat, Op. 55">

Hora Novissima, composed in 1893 by the Boston classicist and student of Josef Rheinberger, is a contemplative oratorio on the text of a medieval monk, Bernard of Cluny (12th century), who dwells on the ecstasy of heavenly existence. Parker's work in eleven movements uses full resources of the oratorio in the Romantic era -- solos, quartet, large chorus, and full symphony orchestra. Large, fugal choruses alternate with exquisite, finely chiseled solos. Both heroic and lyraical themes appear and reappear throughout. It is performed here under the direction of John Levick with The Nebraska Wesleyan Choir, The Abendmusik Chorus, and The Nebraska Chamber Orchestra.

Parker composed the Concerto for Organ & Orchestra in E-flat at the behest of Wilhelm Gericke, conductor of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, and performed it with the orchestra in December, 1902, and shortly thereafter with Theodore Thomas and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. Stephen Krahn performs with the Nebraska Chamber Orchestra.

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