Richard Morris, Organist-in-Residence at Spivey Hall in Atlanta, plays the Albert Schweitzer Memorial Organ of 79 ranks and 4,413 pipes, built in 1992 by the Ruffati firm of Padua, Italy. Virgil Fox coached Morris, a former student, in his way of playing these works. This package comes with both a DVD with 5.1 surround sound and a separate CD bearing the same program in stereo. Included on the video track of the DVD is the digital version of the kaleidoscopic projector that Virgil Fox made famous in his live light shows with organ. The �Kaleidoplex� produces complex, round, colorful, and harmoniously symmetrical images which are rhythmically chosen to accompany the music. The sound engineering is brilliant!

MOZART: Fantasy in F minor, K. 608
VIERNE: Claire de Lune
REUBKE: 94th Psalm
HEBBLE: Londonderry Air
FRANCK: Grand Pi�ce Symphonique

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