Divided into two parts, Part I contains a collection of essays by people who knew Brunzema and his work and documents his new organs and restorations throughout the world. Part II details the organs in the three phases of his career in Germany (1954-1971) with J�rgen Ahrend; in Qu�bec (1972-1979) with Casavant; and in Ontario (1980-1992) in his own workshop. Essayists include J�rgen Ahrend, Friedrich Brunzema, Craig Cramer, Thomas Donahue, Davis Folkerts, Carroll Hanson, Christoph Linde, Gerhard Kraph, Jan Overduin, Uwe Pape, Matthew Redsell, Douglas Reed, Edward Wagner, Peter Williams, and Hans Zoinden. Includes a complete listing of all organs he built, descriptions of seventy organs, and complete technical documentation of one of his instruments, as well as an annotated discography, bibliography, and index of organs. Hardcover 332pp., 57 illustrations.

Gerhard Brunzema: His Work and His Influence
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