Shaker songs arranged by Kevin Siegfried, demonstrates why this music is one of the richest bodies of folksong in American history. Siegfried�s arrangements follow Shaker aesthetics of beauty, simplicity, and utility. Doug Fullington directs the Tudor Choir in this haunting collection of Americana.

I will bow and be simple
In yonder valley
All is summer
O Lord make me pure
Love is little
The burning day
Circular march
Help me, O Lord
Heavenly display
Followers of the Lamb
Come to Zion
We must be meek
Lay me low
Solemn song
Beautiful treasure
Angels of heaven
Hunger and thirst
Dismission of Great I
Prayer for the captive
Gentle words
Beautiful valley
Ezekiel�s vision
Almighty Savior
Cords of love
I will go on my way

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