The Requiem (1948) is a second version, written for organ and choir rather than for orchestra. In Quatre Motets, Duruflé chooses the form of the cantus firmus motet for a capella choir to underscore the spiritual message. The Suite, op. 5 (Prelude, Sicilienne, Toccata) is essentially an organ symphony. The Krakow Chamber Choir, led by Stanislaw Krawczynski, performs at the Kirche Enge in Zürich with a 1951 Kuhn organ played by Barbara Meldau Dziewierz.

Requiem, op. 9

Motets, op. 10:
Ubi caritas et amor
Tota Pulchra
Tu es Petrus
Tantum ergo

Suite, op. 5 for organ

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