W. F. BACH: Duetto
SOLER: Concerto II in a
GABRIELI: Canzon Sol Sol La So Fa MI a 8
HASSLER: Laudate Dominum from Cantiones Sacrae
CARLTON: A Verse for Two to Play
TOMKINS: A Fancy for Two to Play
MOZART: Adagio & Allegro, K 594; Allegro & Andate, K608

Quentin & Mary Murrell Faulkner play music composed for four hands on two organs, a harpsichord, and a fortepiano. The organs are the 1980 Bedient 2-9 and 1987 Bedient 1-4 at St. Mark�s, Lincoln, Nebraska. The harpsichord is a Ruckers double copied by Philip Tyne and Cynthia Goudzwaard, and the fortepiano was built in 1982 by Philip Belt.

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