Organ Literature: A Comprehensive Survey
by Corliss Arnold

As of January 24, 2003, this work is permanently out-of-print from its publisher, Scarecrow Press/National Book Network, thus it is no longer orderable. OHS suggests as a superb alternative the more recent and even more comprehensive A Directory of Composers for Organ by Dr. Charles Henderson. This two-volume work interests performers of music composed for the organ. The first volume traces the development of organ literature and its various geographical schools, places the composers in a historical background of contemporary events and lists Bach organ compositions and compares their editions. The second volume greatly expands the second edition�s biographical catalog of organ composers, including biographical sketches; alphabetical listings of each composer�s works; the publisher, catalog number, and copyright date of the works and a publisher�s directory. There is also a list of German chorale translations and a new list of corollary readings. Hardbound, two volumes, 1,304 pages total, third edition.

Arnold: Organ Literature: A Comprehensive Survey
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