Book I, edited by Hans Gerd Klais">

German language Published in 1982 with 14 topics or essays. 416 pages, illustrated, hardbound, German language

Klais Family Tree


Bibliography of publications concerning the Klais firm, by Gaby Ertz, Christine Friedrich, Agnelika Richarz, and Helga Schwarze Lecture to the meeting of organists of the archdiocese of Cologne on June 11, 1928, by Hans Klais (1890-1965)

On the history of the organ since 1882, described on the occasion of the one-hundred-�year celebration of the shop of Johannes Klais Orgelbau, by Hans Hulverscheidt

Zinc as a material for organ pipes in history and the present, by Alfred Reichling

The influence of various kinds of channels on the sound of reed voices, by Hans Wolf Knaths and Klaus Wilhelm Furtw�ngler

Two generations of organbuilding at Klais 1882-1965, by Hermann J. Busch

A letter to the organbuilder, by Heinrich Teubel, pastor at Rhaunen

The Stumm organ in the evangelical parish church in Rhaunen/Hunsruck, by J�rgen Eppelsheim

The Stumm organ of Rhaunen-Sulzbach, by J�rgen Eppelsheim

The organs of the parish and Minoriten cloister church of St. Remigius in Bonn, by Hans Steinhaus

Marcel Dupre on organbuilding (in conjunction with Roger Deleplace), edited and translated by Hans Steinhaus

Living organbuilding in the view of the shop of Klais, by Hans Gerd Klais

Address at the organ inauguration in the parish church of St. Eligius in Volklingen on January 16, 1983, by Franz Ronig

The rusty way to my iron leaves, by Tilo Medek

Several statements to the supplementary notes, together with some news about the organ in the castle church of the University of Bonn, by Hans Steinhaus

Contained in a pocket within the book is Grosse Variationen und Fuge �ber den Choral: "Ein' fest Burg ist unser Gott" f�r die Orgel by Heinrich Carl Breidenstein (1796-1876)

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