Book II, edited by Philipp Klais">

German Lanuage Book This brand new book (published 2001) of eleven superb essays continues the first book of this title (also available from OHS). Werner Mader and Klemens Kelm of the Institute for Inorganic Chemistry at the University of Bonn report on �Investigations into the structure of lead-tin alloy;� Hans Gerd Klais, �Tin, lead, and their mixture in organ pipes�problems in restoration;� Dieter Braun, Thomas Becher, and Christian Winkeler, �Investigations into the optimization of the Swell work;� Alfred Reichling, �Leading examples of the protection of ancient monuments in bibliography of the 19th and early 20th century�their significance for the protection of antique organs;� Hans-Wolfgang Theobald, �On the restoration of the Johann Heinrich Mundt organ in the Tyn church in Prague;� Heinrich R. Tr�tschel, �The restoration of the Schwarz organ in the cathedral of St. Blasien� (a CD of this organ appears on page 8 of this catalog);� Manfred Schwartz, �Restoration or reconstruction: how old may it be?� Franz-Josef Vogt, �Klais organs and historical monuments;� Peter van Dijk, �Organbuilding in Utrecht 1930-40;� Philipp Klais, �Concert hall organs Klais;� �Dispostion and views of a new grand organ for Cologne Cathedral, 1872 (facsimile). 279 pages, illustrated, indices, hardbound, German language

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