Organists, scholars of the organ and its music, and listeners who love French romantic organ music will all welcome author Fenner Douglass' definitive account of the early career of Aristide Cavaillé-Coll, the greatest organbuilder of 19th-century France.

Based on the author's earlier "Cavaillé-Coll and the Musicians," this engaging book describes Cavaillé-Coll's relationships with César Franck and such other contemporary composer/organists as Lefébure-Wély, Danjou, and Lemmens. Douglass draws on previously unavailable primary archives to highlight the projects that were pivotal to Cavaillé- Coll's success, among them the magnificent instruments he designed and installed in St. Denis, La Madeleine, St. Vincent-de-Paul, and other churches in and around Paris. Of special interest is the documentation Douglass presents pertaining to the instrument for Franck at Ste. Clotilde in Paris. 272 pp., 25 illustrations

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