Carol Williams shows off the 1891 �Father� Henry Willis 4-56 in the ancestral home and birthplace of Sir Winston Churchill. The organ boasts 32� stops in the pedal and mixtures and reed choruses in all divisions. The 53-minute video and musical tour of Blenheim Palace also includes the Postill Organ in the Family Chapel and a Steinway piano in the Long Library. The VHS Hi-Fi stereo sound track sounds excellent.
WALTON: The Spitfire
SOUSA: The Washington Post March
SILAS: Fantasia
WIDOR: Toccata from Symphony 5
CHAPPELL: Songs of Praise
DAMERON: Lady Bird
SATIE: Gymnopedie No. 1
BACH: Dearest Jesus, We Are Here
MACDOWELL: To a Wild Rose
TRAD.: Were You There
BRUBECK: It�s a Raggy Waltz
PARRY: Jerusalem
JOHNSON: Organ Classical

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