Most of these eight essays were presented in 1995 at the Tannenberg Symposium held at several locations in eastern Pennsylvania. They are: Barbara Owen, “Brother Klemm, Organ Builder” and “Pleasing for Our Use: Tannenberg’s Moravian Organs;” Raymond J. Brunner, “Historical and Cultural Importance of Tannenberg and other Pennsylvania German Organ Builders;” Laurence Libin, “Music-Related Commerce in Some Moravian Accounts;” Timothy Duncan, “The Organ in Moravian Choral Anthems;” Nola Reed Knouse, “Moravian Musical Origins;” Paul Larson, “James Burnside, the Burnside Plantation, and Pennsylvania Organ Building in the 18th Century;” and Alice Caldwell, “Singing from the Heart: Origins of the Moravian Singstunde.” John Fesperman provides a Preface, C. Daniel Crews an Epilogue. 169 pages, hardbound.

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