Writes Haig Mardirosian in the The American Organist, ��For those of us who first opened their ears upon the sonic splendors of the organ in the Harrison era . . . Charles Callahan�s compilation of primary documents will not only serve to transport us back to our sweet youths, but to clarify and put into mature perspective much of the muddled memories and mistaken impressions . . .�� The forces acting on the 20th-century American organ are revealed in more than 300 energetic and detailed letters written 1924-1958 by G. Donald Harrison, Henry Willis III, organ theorist Sen. Emerson Richards, and many others. Theirs was an organ world increasingly dominated by �olian-Skinner and its American Classic Organ. Observing the revolution in their own correspondence are E. M. Skinner and the principals of Austin, Estey, M�ller, Kimball, Welte, Wurlitzer, Casavant, Wicks and famous organists and theorists. 557 pages, many stoplists and photographs, hardbound.

Callahan: The American Classic Organ
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