Standing in the heart of Sydney is the Town Hall built in 1879 and one of Australia�s largest and most beautiful public buildings. Contained within its noble spaces is the organ completed in 1890 by William Hill & Sons as one of the most majestic ever created. Organist Robert Ampt, who has presided at the organ since 1978, lavishes this book that he has written with elaborate details of the history and construction of this spectacular instrument which survives almost entirely as built with 126 stops intact � the best preserved, huge, Romantic masterpiece organ in the world, staggering in its impact and awesome in its musical potential. It has one of only two full-length 64� reed stops in existence. Ampt provides many early documents, drawings and photographs to support the story of the process by which the organ was designed, its builder selected, its reception in England and Australia, and its survival. Details of construction are covered in prose and photos. Representative and important programs and players throughout its history express the musical uses and versatility of this best and largest intact example of British organbuilding. 216 pages, softbound. 8� x 11

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