Albert Schweitzer and the Bach Edition: Memoirs of a <BR>Collaboration, by Edouard Nies-Berger

Albert Schweitzer � humanitarian, philosopher, physician, theologian, and scholar � was also an organist and authority on Bach. In 1949, Schweitzer asked Eduoard Nies-Berger, organist of the New York Philharmonic, to assist him in editing the final three volumes of the complete organ works of J. S. Bach, an undertaking Schweitzer had begun years earlier with Charles-Marie Widor. In this book, Nies-Berger, a fellow Alsatian who had known Schweitzer since childhood, chronicles their collaboration during the final decade and a half of Schweitzer's life and presents his candid observations of this extraordinary man and the people around him. From his reminiscences of their warm friendship emerges a fascinating portrait of this complex yet very human genius.

After leaving New York, Nies-Berger moved to Richmond, Virginia, where he was organist of St. Paul's Episcopal Church and where he wrote and refined these memoirs. He died in Richmond at age 98 on January 17, 2002. 140 pages hardbound

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