German Lanuage Book With 1,082 organs on the opus list through 2002, plus many rebuilt organs, the Link firm produces pipe organs in the German town of Giengen-an-der-Brenz (W�rttemberg) for customers far and wide, and even operated a factory in Belgium. The book contains complete lists of new and rebuilt organs; a family tree; a dateline; a bibliography related to the firm; and indices to the text of names and of geographical locations. Nine of the 13 chapters are written by Hermann Fischer and concern: Eugen Link�s association with Albert Schweitzer and Alsace; the Organophon (player organ); the factory and its owners; Eugen Link as president of the Association of Organbuilding Masters of Germany; World War I; and more. Wolfgang Manecke writes on the City of Giengen and the Link firm, and on organbuilder Franz Xaver Wetzel. Markus Zimmermann interviews organbuilder Christoph Naacke and describes examples of restored organs. Michael Gerhard Kaufmann describes Helmut Bornefeld�s work with the firm. The book was published in 2001 by Freiburger Musik Forum, imported by OHS. 304 pages, illustrated, hardbound, German language

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