Essays by Andreas Kitschke survey important organ history in Potsdam, Germany, and survey the organbuilders located there including Andreas Seidel (1785-1847), Johann Carl Hinneberg (1770-1841), Gottlieb Heise (1785-1847), Carl Ludwig Gesell (1809-1867) and his partner Carl Schultze (d. 1878), Carl Eduard Gesell (1845-1894), Alexander Schuke (1870-1933) and his successors Karl, Hans-Joachim, and Matthias; he also examines the connections to Potsdam of Joachim Wagner (1690-1749) of Berlin and Johann Wilhelm Gr�neberg (1751-1808) of Brandenberg/Havel. Matthias Schuke writes of his firm�s traditions, and restorer Gernot Schmidt writes of the firm�s landmark restorations of the 1624 Scherer organ at Tangerm�nde, the 1871 Ladegast at Schwerin, the 1683 Gehrke-Herbst at Basedow, the 1664 Reichel-Positiv (Handel organ) at Halle, and several more. Includes a complete opus list, many color photos. 96 pages softbound

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